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OK, I've been missing for a bit; I use firefox and it retains my tabs so when I open it I get yesterday's tabs back and I lost livejournal so forgot about it - sorry. Anyway I've been nudged by both rubybluelady  and angelchild  so here is an update.

Moving house
We are not doing this any more. In summary, it appeared that the house we wanted to buy didn't come with all of its garden (!) so while we were sorting this out, the sellers pulled out; after putting an offer on another house our buyers then pulled out. We've looked to move for a year now and decided we'd had enough.

I've been writing on my other blog and working towards a routine of writing every two days. Its great that people I don't know have found my site and commented on what I've written, particularly on my posts about organisation. I really like the drive to write articles that I think people who don't know may like. If you are interested in visiting you can find it at and you can subscribe to posts in livejournal (although this seems a bit messy) by email, or through any rss reader you have (see box on top right hand side of site). Posts you may be interested in:

This has been a bit slow recently and I'm behind on my reading 75 books in a year, however I am making good progress into some of the books I've had on my shelves for years. I have just updated my available books on bookmooch, so if you are interested have a look. You can also read some of my book reviews on my other blog

I have tried on a pair of my mother in laws Crocs and I have to admit I was disappointed. Everyone raved about how comfortable they are, but I think my Rohan Chiko mules are much more comfortable (I just wish I could replace my pair). I have also read some stories about Crocs not being safe on escalators and I don't like those enough as it is

According to I've been listening to lots of Evanescence and Within Temptation in the last three months.

If I've missed anything out you would like to know, let me now (getting comments may act as a reminder for me to come back)!

I'm excited about this book

I'm looking forward to reading this book, its on my wish list for almost 10 years and I got it through the post this week from BookMooch. I have diaries going back to 1989 so I'm interested to discover about myself because I haven't read many of them since writing them.  However I think the theme of harvesting is going to irritate me; the book sections are called:
  • Entering the fields
  • Reaping the succulence
  • Bundling the sheaves
  • Celebrating the bounties
  • The last sheaf

Livejournallers disconnected?

Someone has looked at the connections between blogs made by the links they use, and has produced this globe.  Each white dot is a blog, green lines are a one way link and blue lines are two way links.

What I found interesting was that Live Journal blogs are labelled 3 on the globe and barely link out to other blogs.  It is described in the article as

This isolated, close-knit online community of bloggers uses LiveJournal, an online host that primarily serves as a social networking site. This blogging island is just barely in touch with the rest of the blogworld.

It is interesting that since I discovered googlereader I am reading a lot of blogs which are not based on livejournal and keep most of my comments and thoughts about them on my non livejournal blog as I'm not sure you are interested.

What do you think, are we a disconnected bunch?

Any crochet experts ...?

I started teaching myself to crochet last summer from some old patterns of my mums. After the holiday it got put aside, but I have decided to pick it up again to make some baby blankets for my friends who are pregnant. However I've hit a problem. I have the following two books one is American and one is British so use different terminology for the stitches. That is alright I've got to grips with that, but they both also suggest crocheting differently. The American book says to put the hook through both arms of the v while the British book says to put it under the top strand only. I am hoping for some advice from some more experienced crocheters


Darktea Bookcrossing update March 2007

As caffcaff  has become the most popular picture on our website, I thought you might be interested in another update of bookcrossing pictures on our site. There are also some new uploads from the meet molyneux  organised with Mary Cavanagh.

Sorry guys, I don't know why it is creating the large blank space, I can't see a reason for it and random deleting isn't working!

Darktea Bookcrossing Update

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Serenity named best sci film

I thought that Firefly was a fantastic series and I can't believe it was cancelled part way through its first series.  However due to the dedication of the fans, cast and crew they continued the story with the film serenity.  Again I thought it was great, but it would have been so gripping as a series.  Anyway it was voted above star wars in this poll for SFX magazine

Where to buy children's audio CDs?

My 12 year old nephew will be in hospital for the next 6 weeks after dislocating his hip.  He is heavily drugged so will not be able to read, but he does have a DVD player so I thought I could send up some audio CDs.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy cheap CDs and what he might enjoy?

RSS feed available for my other blog

Okay, it has taken a bit of effort, but I have got a working RSS feed available for my other blog.  This blog is more formal than my livejournal one and I intend it be about my efforts in decluttering, organisation, productivity etc.  If you are interested, I have got the feed syndicated into livejournal and you can add it

I'm not sure how it is going to work with comments, because I don't own the feed I won't get notified about them.  Therefore if you want me to know your comment is there it may be best to do it on the real site.  But we'll see how it goes.

hmm what to do ?

I created a poll asking for suggestions on what to do with the entries from my other blog.  Thank you for those of you who voted, but it has ended up a draw between automatically cross posting and creating an rss feed for those who would like to subscribe.  So now, I don't know what to do (plus I can't get the rss feed working properly from the site, I'm only get an exerct and not the whole article).

So if any of the rest of you have an opinion, please let me know and if you know anything about rss feeds from wordpress please let me know, otherwise I may need another solution if that is the most popular.